10 Crazy Things I’m Thankful For

I'm hardly ever wrong (insert eye roll here). So, imagine my surprise when I found myself thanking William for being stubborn early on in our relationship and not letting me get away with having things my own way and ending up making a serious error in judgement.  

This got me to thinking about Thanksgiving and how we are always thankful for the usual things like family and good health.  All great things to be thankful for but I think that there are some things in our lives that tend to get overshadowed by the typical blessings we have.

So, I decided to sit down and make a list of things that I am genuinely thankful to God for that might not otherwise be recognized:

  1. Rock Bottom
    • Hitting rock bottom not only causes you to seriously wake up and re-evaluate your choices in life but it also has the added benefit of truly showing you who you can REALLY count on when the going gets tough...and makes you value those relationships all the more.
  2. Challenges
    • You never know who you really are and how strong you can actually be until life throws lemon grenades at your face.
  3. Waiting
    • I had one of the longest nights of my life a few months back and although I would NEVER want to go through that again, I can honestly say that it really did help me to realize that I can endure, overcome, and know that "this too shall pass", as all things do.
  4. Mistakes
    • Like it or not, none of us are perfect.  When you take a step back and really consider all of the mistakes you have made in your life it helps you to check your ego at the door and genuinely empathize with those around you...and help them in ways that no one else could.
  5. Intuition
    • My mistakes have forced me to listen to my intuition, REALLY listen.  I am now better able to discern whether or not I am in a healthy situation - instead of ignoring it and diving off of a cliff - AGAIN.
  6. Being a Night Owl
    • Being a morning person is so overrated (sorry dad).  I do my best thinking, planning, organizing and writing in the middle of the night...just note the time I posted this.
  7. Allergies
    • Bet you thought I went off the rails with this one.  However, this past weekend is the very reason I am so thankful.  Bella, Elayna, and I were suffering from allergies which then motivated us to do nothing but stay in and play board games and watch movies together.  It also may have had the added benefit of being waited on hand and foot by a pretty cute guy I happen to have a crush on.  
  8. Really, REALLY Ornery Dogs
    • Milo is absolutely the cutest and most aggravating dog on the planet.  He has been known to stare at us in the eye AS he starts to pee on the floor and I'm convinced that it's just out of spite.  But, along with this comes a great deal of humor and a smidge of forced self-discipline to take him out regularly...or to at least have Bella and Elayna do it.
  9. Not Getting What You Want
    • God knows us better than we even know ourselves and we end up with more than we could have ever hoped for - in a much deeper and lasting way.
  10. Stubborn People
    • You know who you are.  I'm talking about the people in your life who aren't afraid to call you on your crap and make you look in a mirror.  I'm not talking about the haters.  "Haters gonna hate." Proverbs 9:8  I'm talking about those people who love you enough to talk TO you instead of talk ABOUT you...and keep doing it until something sinks in.  

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3 thoughts on “10 Crazy Things I’m Thankful For

  1. I am thankful for you, my beautiful daughter, and for your new lease on life. I hated all you had to endure this year, but I am so thankful that you allowed God to use those experiences to make your stronger. I’m sorry we haven’t been there much this year, but I hope you know we have always “been there” for you and always will be. We love you!!

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