What Can Be Stronger than God’s Law?

Tonight I asked the question, "God, WHY are you blessing me even though I blatantly sinned against you...in so many ways?"  The answer I received..."Because, my sweet Edelweiss, (which I'll explain in another post) my grace, love, and mercy are SO much greater and bigger than the laws I have placed upon you.  My darling, I put those laws in place to protect you, not to hold you under my thumb."  This was eye-opening to me. Am I free to fully accept the blessing of this new marriage, of this new chapter of my life without the chains of feeling guilty over the sins I have severely sinned against my Father, who CLEARLY revealed his will for my life, through His word?  

As my sweet fiancée reminded me of, "Darling, we don't deserve His salvation, but He gave us that. Why would He not give us each other?"  THESE are the words of a man who exudes the Spiritual leadership and wisdom that I have so deperately longed for.

Think about that.  Meditate on that.  Yes, God's laws were expressed to us for a reason...not to be legalistically binded to, but to protect us from the troubles that we cause for ourselves in this life; and once we have received the mercy of Christ's salvation in our lives, to guide us through His mercy and grace...and to share this kind of love and mercy to others, so that they will come to know Him as we do.  He is first, and foremost, our Father. We are His children and He wants NOTHING more than to express His love and compassion to us so we can show it to others so that THEY may be able to rest in it, as we have.

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God is GOOD!!!

Hey there! I know it's been a while. I'm not gonna lie...I got carried away (swept off my feet) by a GREAT guy! In fact, we will be geting married on July 1st.

God is SO freaking good. All I expected was punishment for divorcing my husband, and yet, God has blessed me anyway. That is how God our Father is. Like the Prodigal Son, he throws a feast for us and welcomes us back with open, loving arms...and a FEAST of blessings. I spent a lot of time trying to plan my life the way that I wanted it to go. And, because of that, I dealt with a bushel FULL of heartache and sadness. And then all of a sudden, God placed me in a position at a church where I was able to find rest and support...and then my sweet Daniel came along. You guys, I DO NOT deserve this man...and yet God has blessed me with him anyway. I tell him all the time that he is a living, breathing manifestation of God's grace and mercy and love towards me. I have made SO MANY mistakes over the past 3 years...they are innumerable. But, our Father took me by the hand and led me to this man who is a TRUE spiritual leader and who loves me in a way that I have never known...as I do him. The deep love that I have for him is one that only God can provide. He is my "forever". He knows EVERY single mistake I have made and he loves me in spite of all of them. He sees ME and who I want to be. That is beyond my comprehension. I genuinely love him with everything that I am...and if you knew all of the ugly details of my past...that is saying A LOT!

What I want you to take away from this post is this...it does not matter how many horrible decisions you have made or how guilty you feel for things that you have done wrong...our Father is waiting to run to you and throw you a feast...just as you are. All you have to do is come back to him.

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