About Me

Hey there!  I’m Lori and when I say I am a royal mess, I seriously mean that I am a ROYAL MESS!  I have stumbled through my walk with God so many times that he offers me piggy back rides pretty regularly.  

I always struggle when people say to me, “Tell me about yourself.”  Where do I even begin?  So, I have decided to just make a list for you with anything that pops into my head about myself.  Here we go…

“Lori’s List of Random Stuff About Me”  

  • I am married to a man who is 1000% the ying to my yang.  He also happens to have SUPER sexy arms. Sigh...
  • My favorite color is red and now also, Rose Gold (Can't get enough of it!)
  • I love bullet points
  • I completely geek out in Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Staples, and The Container Store
  • I have a teenage daughter named Bella who, by the grace of God, seems to be pretty well-adjusted in spite of being raised by the ROYAL MESS that I am.
  • I also have a step-daughter named Elayna who just so happens to be only a month older than Bella...AND, they are best friends.  I keep being told this is a HUGE blessing.  
  • I have a Bachelor’s in Christian Ministry.
  • My favorite word is “shenanigans” You can’t say it and be angry at the same time.  Also...I love getting into shenanigans.  Who doesn't?
  • I am a MAJOR night owl.
  • I want to hear any and every spooky story that anyone wants to share.  If it’s creepy, I want to know.
  • I think power plants look like shimmering castles at night.  They make me smile.
  • I wish there was a way to cuddle with Christmas.  I lose my mind over it….or so I’ve been told.                           And, last but not least…
  • I’m a TOTAL theology nerd…hence the degree in Christian Ministry.

Ok, I think I now officially qualify as your new BFF since you know so much about me.  Let’s go have a spa day together!

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