Transparency is Where It’s At

Several people have asked me recently why I feel the need to be SO transparent in my blog posts...viewing it as "airing all of my dirty laundry".  I always have the same purposeful explanation in response.  I did not create my blog with the intent to show everyone some sort of distorted view of my life that is always sunshine and teddy bears.  I write it to show that we ALL struggle with our own personal issues BUT that there is someone else out there who knows how low life can get and who also knows that God ALWAYS finds a way to get you through it and teach you lessons that you never realized you needed to learn.

I HAVE had a very rough past few years but I have also learned a lot and have reaped more blessings, grace, and mercy from God than I could have ever experienced without going through the things I have.  I have met many Christians who put on a good front that their lives are picturesque and that they seem to have it all together.  I can tell you that when I have been in the deepest of my trenches, they were the LAST people I wanted to go to for refuge and advice.  That front does nothing but show others that they should be ashamed if they have struggles within their Christian walk with God.  Those types of Christians are not approachable or helpful in times of real struggles.

I have always had a heart for Women's Ministry.  It is THE reason I got my degree in Christian Ministry.  Sure, I may still be struggling with certain strongholds in my life but I also know the true depth of God's love, grace, and mercy and THAT is what I want others to see through my blog.  You can reach rock bottom but still be given hope that one day you too will get to a point of seeing the amazing Lord that we serve and just how personal and loving he is to each one of us.  He never wastes our pain and he never leaves us alone to drown in our strongholds.  Even when he seems silent, you will later see just what he was doing in those times of "silence".

If my transparency gives hope to even ONE person then it has all been completely worth it to me.  I've been through the trenches and I know your pain can sometimes feel as though it is going to last forever.  I am here to give you hope that "this too shall pass".  Not only will it pass but God WILL fight for you.  He is with you and FOR you.  Always.

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One thought on “Transparency is Where It’s At

  1. Without a doubt your transparency has helped people, I know it has with me. There are many many times I’ve struggled with my relationship with God and asking “why”… it’s seeing what you’ve been through and going through that I’m reminded that he is right there! Don’t change that transparency one bit! May God continue to bless you and Bill both!!

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